Happy Wanderers Paphos 



The following guidelines are set for members and guests. Each walk will have a Leader, whose responsibilities are to select the route, determine the pace and ensure the smooth running of the walk. When there are more than 10 walkers in a group, there will also be a Back-marker.

Members and guests are responsible for the following:
Footwear: It is essential to wear either walking boots or strong walking shoes, due to the terrain that may be covered. Sandals are not acceptable. 
Water: It is essential to ensure against dehydration. Adequate water should be carried at all times — minimum of 2 litres should be carried, more in the Summer months. 
Environment: Please ensure that you leave no litter or refuse behind, and that you take no green souvenirs.  
Smoking on Walks: Smoking is strictly forbidden in all walking environments due to acute fire risk. Breaking this rule will result in the member, or sponsoring member being referred to the Committee which may result of loss of membership. 
Dogs: and other pets are not allowed on walks. 
Children: Children under the age of 12 years are not permitted on walks; if any children are accepted as guests they are the sponsoring member’s responsibility. 
Health: It is advised that everyone carries first aid kits and whistles, which will be in addition to the club kit carried by Walk Leaders.  All walkers must carry an emergency contact card, which includes details of the person to be contacted in the case of an emergency and any special medical information. 
Liability: All walkers, members, social members and guests, participate in walks entirely at their own risk as described in The Constitution Para 3.7 and Membership Application Form & Guest disclaimer, which everyone is required to sign.
Discipline: All walkers are required to follow the instructions of the Walk Leader. They should not deviate from the route or take short cuts. If a walker, for any reason, has to leave the planned route they must inform the Leader or Back-Marker. Be aware of personal safety & the safety of those around you.
Visual Contact:  All walkers should always maintain visual contact with those in front and behind. When the group makes a turn, be sure that those behind you are aware of this.