Happy Wanderers Paphos 



 Revised 22/05/2015
Unless the context requires otherwise within this constitution.
1.1  The HWP means "The Happy Wanderers Paphos".
1.2  Cyprus means the Legal Republic of Cyprus.
1.3  The Constitution means “The Constitution” as adopted by The HWP in General Meeting.
1.4  General Meeting means the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting of which due notice has been given.
2.1   To encourage walking by people of all abilities within Cyprus who will respect & protect the environment.
2.2   To ensure that basic safety as explained in The HWP Handbook is observed and carried out.
2.3   To encourage participation of all members to assist in the running of the group. 
2.4   To encourage the social aspect of walking and enjoy post walk refreshments and meals.
2.5   To be democratic, non discriminatory, and to refrain from affiliation directly or indirectly with any (a) political or (b) other organisation operating contrary to the Laws of Cyprus.
3.1 Membership shall be open to all persons without distinction of race, sex or citizenship who have, in the opinion of The Committee a genuine interest in walking and furthering the aims & objectives of The HWP. Membership shall be capped at one hundred and forty (140) subscribed walking members.
3.2 Prospective HWP members must walk on 5 occasions within a six month period, paying as guest walkers, before full membership is granted. Guest fees collected during this five occasion period will be utilised as part of the annual membership subscription.  
3.3 Walking members are required to walk with The HWP on 10 occasions throughout the calendar year to ensure continuity of Membership. If a member’s attendance falls below the required 10 walks for the year The Committee would then reassess Membership on an individual basis, subject to the members’ personal circumstances (health, personal problems etc). Our attendance record will be monitored at each half year to ensure a member has achieved 5 walks. In the calculation of attendances, each “Away” trip (Kato Pyrgos, Agros etc) will be calculated as one attendance.
3.4 Members whose membership has been cancelled may be allowed to rejoin The HWP the following year at the discretion of The Committee, and complying with Para 3.2 of The Constitution.
3.5 Social Membership for non-walking spouses/partners and existing HWP members who can no longer walk, is available for the normal annual subscription. Social Members will not have voting rights.
3.6 Guests can walk subject to an attendance fee. Equally, guests are permitted to attend trips or functions for an agreed fee. In each case, only after members have booked, and subject to vacancies being available.
3.7 The HWP does not carry any insurance to cover Members from accidental or personal injury. All members are deemed to have accepted this condition of joining, when applying for or renewing membership. Members are responsible for arranging their own insurance.  Guests are required to sign an Indemnity Form on every attendance. The HWP Committee & Walk Leaders do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained by attendees at any event organised by The HWP.
4.1 The Financial Year of The HWP shall be from the 1st January to the 31st December.
4.2 Subscriptions shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting of The HWP for the following year.  
4.3 The annual subscription is due 1st January and should be paid prior to the first participation in any HWP activity of the respective year and no later than by the 31st March latest. Failure to pay by the 31st March will result in automatic cancellation of membership for the current year. Members who leave the island during the winter period should pay their sub’s prior to departure to avoid loss of membership. Walking will then be subject to Para 3.2 of The Constitution.
5.0       COMMITTEE
5.1 The Committee shall be responsible to the General Meeting for the running of The HWP in accordance with the stated aims & objectives. 
5.2 The Committee shall consist of: Chairperson, Walks Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer and not fewer than one and not more than three other members, ideally one representative from the long, medium and short areas of the walking group.
5.2.1 All Committee members shall have only a single vote each at all meetings.
5.3 On conclusion of the previous year’s business at the AGM, all Members of Committee must resign. Should they wish to offer their services on The Committee for a further period, they will then be subject to re- election at this point of the AGM, or take part in a vote-off for their position, should someone else be appropriately nominated for the same position.
5.4 If there is a premature resignation of a Committee member, then the committee member shall not be able to stand for re-election at the next AGM. The Committee can co-opt a HWP member to fill the role until the next AGM.
5.5 Subject to the provision of 5.1 above, The Committee shall determine:
5.5.1 The eligibility for and the termination of membership of any member, subject to appeal to a General Meeting;
5.5.2 Any fundraising activities, including charges for functions.
5.5.3 The disposal of surplus income in accordance with the aims & objectives of The HWP.
5.6 The Treasurer will be responsible to The Committee for managing The HWP’s funds in a transparent and correct manner.  All payments and receipts must be recorded, and an account of income and expenditure circulated on a regular basis.
5.6.1 No remuneration shall be due to Committee members or other members of HWP but members of The Committee or The HWP may be reimbursed for expenses incurred by authority of The Committee.
6.1 The Annual General Meeting of The HWP shall be held not more than six weeks after the end of the Financial Year. Not less than 21 days notice of the business to be transacted shall be made available to listed current members as of the previous year end. Only paid up members are entitled to vote. The following business shall be transacted at the AGM:
6.2.1 To approve The Walk Coordinator’s report for the previous year.
6.2.2 To approve The Secretary’s report for the previous year.
6.2.3 To receive The Treasurer's Report and Financial Accounts for the previous year which report shall include an inventory of all assets for which The Committee is responsible and their current value. The accounts require to be verified by two competent impartial persons appointed by The Committee.
6.2.4 To fix the annual subscription for the following year.
6.2.5 To elect the new Committee.
7.1 An EGM may be called at any time on 21 days’ notice if The Committee considers it necessary.
7.2 An EGM must be called by The Committee within 45 days of receipt of a written request from at least one quarter of the paid up members.
7.3 Only business of which due notice has been given may be transacted at an EGM
8.1 The Quorum for AGM shall be one fifth of the paid up Membership including Proxy Votes.
8.2 The Quorum for an EGM shall be one third of the paid up Membership including Proxy Votes.
8.3 The Quorum for Committee meetings shall be one half of their Members subject to a minimum of three.
The General Meeting shall have the power by a simple majority of those present and voting:
9.1 To remove any Committee member from office.
9.2 To decide any dispute arising between a member or an ex-member of The HWP and The HWP or any office bearer of The HWP.
To be valid any proposed amendment to The Constitution must:
10.1 Be circulated, at the same time as notice is given, in accordance with The Constitution, of the relevant General Meeting and,
10.2 Be passed by a 75% majority of the paid-up members voting, either present or by proxy, at a duly constituted General Meeting.
The General Meeting must have the votes of 75% of the paid-up members voting, either present or by proxy.
11.1 To decide on the dissolution of The HWP; and
11.2 To decide on the manner of disposal of assets and the discharge of liabilities of The HWP and/or to appoint a liquidator, in the event of such dissolution. 
  Revised 29/01/2018